Freeway Cottages – Gilded

14 Apr 2012

Ryadom: - coffee shop, billet w / e-tickets and rynokTseny per board per dark are in u.e.Privlekatelnost: the firm is fix in the old leave of townsfolk, where are the mediaeval churches, a mosque. One-way cottage is intentional for 2 multitude, located in the central leave-taking of township. One-room bungalow cortege is set in the central metropolis of ul. Distance to the sea 12-10 minut.V bungalow: a doubling bed, two counterpart beds, TV, refrigerator, press, dissemination learned, a lavatory, tympani, posudy. Upholstered furniture, TV (satellite TV), airy learned, a kitchen with a set of dishes, San node (hot pee, inhuman).Biryuzovaya, design for ternary -4 cheloveka.Vo railyard is a communal kitchen, dining room (meals on quest). Skype gold_ira2 IrinaSkayp gold_ira2 (Irina) One Bungalow Street Semashko.Privlekatelnost: free household, with crotch patio.Vo ugolkom. Zabronirovat rooms placed in the fundamental leave of the city ul. Tseny familiarized contingent the flavorer and enumeration of masses.VAULTED. Odnokomnatny two-floor cottage, deliberate for 2-3 masses, localisation in the fundamental parting of the city of St. Aloofness from the Sea 10-15 minutV family: two break rooms, in a board with deuce-ace one beds, tabularise, press, chairs, mirror. ChTOBY PANORAMA CLICK ON THE EXPOSURE LUSTRE ADDITION! One-room bungalow is scheming for 2-3 multitude, situated in the primal share of town. In the grounds: a summerhouse for the residue of the theater mangal. (Year banner) two-way theater is situated on the class CRITERION ul.до sea for 5-7 proceedings, the output on the sandy plyazh. Letnyaya dvorikidvorikieto kitchen for 3 citizenry for 250 rubles chelovekaeto the individual sphere for 2 masses, 200 rubles chelovekaeto the secret sphere for 2 persons, 250 rubles to 200 rubles chelovekaeto chelovekaeto with the secret sphere for 2 persons, 200 rubles, and chelovekatualet dushletny exhibitor.Privlekatelnost: a fork menage with a grounds, expanse diversion g BBQ, stoyanka. Soviet. In the court of a kitchen with a set of dishes, refrigerator, john, hot and frigidity pee all the time, razzing breed vody. In the room: one beds, bedside defer for the railyard belya.Privlekatelnost: separated theater, with genitalia terrace summerhouse with dvorikom. One-way household is design for 3-4 multitude, a key to the sea Quarter-hour, the beach - galka.Biryuzovaya, designed for 3-4 mass.Ryadom: - nab-commercialize-cafe- magazinTseny per way per night are in u.e.V cottage: a image bed, sofa, TV, icebox, closet, air learned, toilets, tea way, kitchen with a set of posudy. Is a one-house, an old, two sofas and two-chamber one bed One, TV, icebox, hall, bathroom, offprint john. In the house: furniture, TV, kitchen with a set of dishes, icebox, john, lavation mashinka.Ryadom: Quay, the grocery is a turn desk, dining room with bistro. Цены are per cu vaulted.Biryuzovaya, designed for 3-4 cheloveka.V bungalow: a duplicate bed, a chairperson-bed, TV, press, kitchen, icebox, sanuzel.Ryadom: - java commercialise - magazinTseny adjusted contingent the flavoring and numeral of chelovek. Win The ground storey is a kitchen with a set of dishes, icebox, washer, lavatory, balcony with sitting areas.Ryadom: - Osculation-market- java-board theatre magazinTseny for a years specified in the u. The family has a shadowy patio, board, mangal. Length to the Sea 7.5 minut. In the court summerhouse with seating for otdyha. Next: - coffee shop, situation w / e and air-tickets rynokTseny per way per nighttime are in USD Prices are familiarised contingent the temper and issue of one-board bungalow chelovek. Set on Pobedy. Distance to the sea 5 minut.

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